Hostgator promo code for reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is one of the popular services that is offered on the Hostgator website and it involves the starting up of a company that hosts websites. The reseller hosting package that is sold by Hostgator provides the entrepreneur with tools as well as support to start up the business in the shortest time possible. The reseller hosting package involves the creating of an unlimited number of websites that have the owner’s brand name, prices as well as packages.

The cost for the reseller hosting package for the first month is $19.96 and the cost goes higher after the first month is gone. For entrepreneurs who want to keep their costs low have a reprieve at this through the use of a Hostgator promo code. This promo code is able to reduce the cost of buying the reseller hosting package at its original price because of the discounts that is attached to it. The percentage value of the promo code determines how much lower the price will be.

Benefits of using Hostgator promo code for reseller hosting

A Hostgator promo code for a reseller hosting package guarantees a reduced cost on the overall cost that would have to be paid in its absence. However, the lowered cost does not affect the quality of services that is offered by Hostgator to the individual buying the reseller hosting package. Furthermore, any of the support services that are offered to other clients of Hostgator are also accessible to the owner of the reseller package that has a promo code as part of the payment.

Apart for the lower cost of the reseller hosting package that was necessitated by the promo code from Hostgator there are other perks that are part of the package as well. These perks include transfer websites that are given for free, free video tutorials, free website templates, free billing software among others that will make it easy to use the service.

Features of reseller hosting with Hostgator promo code

The reseller hosting package is one of the best services that allow entrepreneurs to start their own company that deals in webhosting. The package has a variety of features that makes it stand out from any other similar ones in the market. The features that are part of the reseller hosting package include unlimited domains, e-mail accounts, FTP accounts among others. It is also a package that is not hard to use as it has a control panel that is flexible and user friendly as well.

The reseller hosting package does not have an initial contract as it has a guarantee that if the service provided is deemed unsatisfactory within forty five days then a refund is processed back to the buyer. Furthermore, the uptime for the websites is almost one hundred percent and guarantees safety of the information stored in the server. Overall, all these features are guaranteed to even those entrepreneurs who purchase this package using a Hostgator promo code that is found online.